6 years ago fitness became a big part of Kates life. She became a health coach and yoga instructor whilst living in the Cayman Islands then returned home in 2015 to further her certification, becoming a Zuu & Ankorr instructor, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. In 2017 she took her skills further and became a spin instructor at the new and very popular Bike Bar which allows her to still use a mic, be on stage and also motivate and inspire people whilst playing empowering music. 

Kate is extremely passionate about helping others to improve their health and living a better, more fulfilling and happy life. Combing her passion for media and fitness she has become well known as an MC for many health and wellness events. As a key note speaker Kate covers topics from health, fitness, mental health, intuition, life in the media, women empowerment and how to move through personal & emotional pain. 


Click the links below to find all the info classes and for personal training & key note speaking services please contact me via email.



Monday: 7am

Thursday: 9.15am 

Friday: 5.30am & 6.30am






Kate Mac was one of the founding coaches on KIXXFIT which is an app that gives you access to movement, mindset and nutrition content from coaches all over Australia.

Kates channel is fuelled with energy and a sense of community with workouts raging from focused strength work to all over body HIIT using minimal equipment and household items so you can workout at home.


Since the impact of COVID-19 Kate has been providing her followers with FREE live instagram workouts you can join in with her (schedule below) or simply find the morning workouts up on KIXXFIT later to do when it suits you.