6 years ago fitness became a big part of Kates life. She became a health coach and yoga instructor whilst living in the Cayman Islands then returned home in 2015 to further her certification, becoming a Zuu & Ankorr instructor, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. In 2017 she took her skills further and became a spin instructor at the new and very popular Bike Bar which allows her to still use a mic, be on stage and also motivate and inspire people whilst playing empowering music. 

Kate is extremely passionate about helping others to improve their health and living a better, more fulfilling and happy life. Combing her passion for media and fitness she has become well known as an MC for many health and wellness events. As a key note speaker Kate covers topics from health, fitness, mental health, intuition, life in the media, women empowerment and how to move through personal & emotional pain. 


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Monday: 7am

Tuesday: 6.15pm

Wednesday: 9.15am

Thursday: 9.15am 

Friday: 5.30am & 6.30am